Evaluate </coders> for
Multiple Skills

Problem Solving
Database Design
Language Proficiency

Wide Coverage

Improve your
Organization’s Efficiency

No After-Hire Shocks

Get the best in the first go. So you don’t regret after!

Reduced Coder Turnover

Retain the best fit. Reduce financial expense.

Uninterrupted Project Flow

Hire appropriate coders for a seamless project.

Cut-down Hiring Cost

Conduct remote interview, that lowers hiring costs.

Assess Candidates For
Multiple Provisions

Campus Recruitment

Conduct smooth placement drives across campuses

Walk-In Interviews

Conduct smooth technical interviews for walk-in candidates, ANYTIME!

Employee Assessment

Evaluate internal workforce without any hassle

Surveys & Contests

Easily plan online surveys & contests. Promote your brand to the world


Remote Proctoring

Conduct Assessment with Seamless Online Proctoring

Detect impersonation & prevent any malpractice during the assessment.

Block Copy & Paste

Prevent candidates from copying code and pasting it on the external code editor.

Block Navigation

Monitor & control candidates from switching between tabs/windows during the assessment. Restrict the usage of browser, chat boxes and any external communication platform

Cam Proctoring

Monitor every motion of a candidate through the camera attached with the candidate's system.

Video Assessment

Rounded Judgement with Comprehensive Video Assessment

Reduce the no. of candidate no-shows and take the scope of reviewing candidate's recorded video more than once.

Preset Question

Assign preset questions to candidates so that multiple evaluators get the chance of assessing candidates by playing the assessment video file later.

Panel Interview

Measure candidate’s skill through real-time interview. The admin can assign one or more evaluators to assess the candidate's proficiency.

Re-branding Capabilities

Make It Your Own In 1 Minute

Organizations get the opportunity to label the platform with their branding. Incorporate your company logo, brand color, look and feel in just a few steps!

Brand LOGO

This facility enables the client to showcase its brand identity to the respective candidates he/she wants to assess.

Brand Background and Color

This instills a trust factor amongst the candidates and poses no question regarding the identity of the brand.

In-Depth Assessment Reports & Analytics

Receive In-depth Insights on Candidate’s Performance & Strength

The well-structured functionality of Testofy is capable of generating an analytical report on any data. Get detailed reports of a candidate’s performance and make accurate hiring decisions.

Sectional Performance Report

Section-wise report enables you to understand candidate’s performance in each of the sections and identify their weak or strong points.

Performance Summary

Performance Summary feature gives you overall report analytics. This provides a clear picture of the skill set and technical prowess of the candidate, making way for hiring the best amongst all other candidates.

User-Friendly Flow For
Seamless Experience

Create Assessment

Conveniently design multiple questionnaires for new test.

Schedule Assessment

Select and assign dates for multiple tests for multiple candidates.

Allocate Candidate

Allocate questionnaire(s) to the candidate(s) manually or through shuffling.

Conduct Assessment

Carry out tests, interviews and assessments in a proctored setting.

Generate Report

Produce accurate, insightful analytical reports based on real-time data generation.

That’s It!

Generate names of relevant candidates from the test/interview in no-time!

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