The First Step Towards
Growth Is Awareness!

Educate your team about the types of Sexual Harassments that exist in the modern era along with the ways to identify, report and prevent them.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Hostile Work Environment
Virtual Workplace Harassment

Provide A Deep Insight
To Your Crew

Provide A Deep Insight To Your Crew The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in the global work culture along with new set of challenges. It is essential to update and prioritize PoSH Training for your Organization in the current scenario to maintain the best work environment.

Break The

Encourages employees to open-up without hesitation through Interactive module which strengthens the bonding between Employees and the Employer

Retain The
Retention Rate

Retention Rate Eliminates chances of resource loss by training and ensuring the understanding amongst employees about building and sustaining a safe work environment

Secure Your

Organizations from facing any kind of Legal Hampers/Issues such as Defamation or Condemnation that can harm their hard-earned reputation.

Ameliorate The

Ameliorate The Ambience Allows the co-workers to learn the right way to respect each other through unique content & interactive quiz that eventually improves the work culture

Extensive Training Module Specially Designed For Corporates

Remote & Self Practice Training
For Flexible WFH Scenario
Explainer Videos
For Situational Demonstration
Expert Guidance
For Best Practices Of The Act
Culture-Based Curriculum
For Multi-location Organizations
Interactive 'In-Module-Quiz'
For Increasing Understanding
Completion Assessment
For Ensuring The Progress

Key Features

Tailor-made Module With
Digital Resources

Curated by renowned Subject-matter Experts in the industry, the 60 minutes long detailed Self-practice E-Learning Program helps your employees to get deep insights into sexual and various kinds of workplace harassment.

The module concentrates on identifying harassment issues, unacceptable behaviors as well as their part in shaping a secure and respectful workplace.

Completion Assessment Ensuring Course Understanding

The Assessment at the end of the E-Learning curriculum makes the entire training comprehensive. The Assessment ensures the understanding of your employees about the act and its best practices.

It not only helps to spread awareness about the Redress Mechanism but also helps to prevent the occurrence of situations/behavior that can be that’s offensive, humiliating or intimidating in future.

In-depth Report Optimizing Organization's Efficiency

The evaluation mechanism provides a clear idea about the mindset, understanding and awareness of the employees besides identifying their areas of improvement.

The in-depth report not only helps to make the entire training process more reliable but also aids you to keep a record for future reference and annual reporting procedures.

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