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We believe testing and assessing play an essential role in learners. Testofy has brought a smart assessment platform enabling anyone to create, schedule & manage tests. Conduct Periodic Exams, Mock Assessments, Course Assessments, Certification Assessments, Surveys, Contests & more.


HR teams come in all sizes and with a varied level of expertise. Testofy offers a comprehensive solution that gives a tactical and strategic analysis for a specific job role. The in-built coding and proctoring compilers enable the IT organizations to make right decisions for technical hiring.


Testofy offers a seamless assessment of your personal and academic skills. With authentic reports based on custom set scoring guidelines, Testofy gives an excellent insight into one's occupational competence and vocational skills.

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Built-in Digital Invigilation Capabilities

Cutting-edge online invigilation and proctoring options to ensure the authenticity of tests.

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Image Proctoring
Video Proctoring

Tired With Repetitive Remote Interview 'No-Show's?

Time To Ace Your Interviews With Video Assessments!

AI-Powered Video Assessment Tool - designed to detect & classify emotions of your candidates, empowering you to make a rounded judgment.
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  • Examination is no longer a hammering task for us. We conduct it with ease and our students enjoy facing it. Testofy gave examination a new pattern with ease, perfection and clarity. It's intelligent user interface ensured that we do not have to invest a lot of time getting ourselves used to it. We whole heartedly recommend it to others.

Atul Gupta, Inspiria Knowledge Campus

  • Recently we had the opportunity to implement Testofy, a path breaking online examination platform, for our academic exams. And everything was so easy. There were various kinds of questions, starting from multiple choice to descriptive, assertions, and what not. Results were generated for multiple exams in a single excel sheet.

Hemant Chabria, E Shisksha Now

  • We are highly benefitted by Testofy's unique capabilities & multiple features. The platform offers remote proctoring, video assessment interviews & panel interviews that have helped us in scaling up our operations and understanding our candidates better. We had an effortless experience and we highly recommend it.

Kamal Agarwala, Exactlly Group of Companies

  • Testofy is an amazing software to quickly identify and recognize the quality talent. The tool made our recruitment process simple and significantly reduced the average hiring time. All our requests and queries were addressed on time. We recommend Testofy to others to make their recruitment process much more efficient and digitized.

Abhishek Rungta, IndusNet Academy

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