Features of Testofy

  • Multi User

    Testofy allows creating multiple users with role-based functions. There can be any number of users accessing the platform at a time. You can manage a large team with absolutely no disorganization.

  • Cloud Based

    Everything is up on the cloud and no hassle of saving the backup or back up crash. Remotely access and manage all the assessments and other activities. Your data will be safe and secured on the cloud.
    And in case you want to keep the data stored with you, add questions and set the questionnaire on your own, Testofy gives you a free-hand in that!

  • Highly Scalable

    The structure of Testofy is highly scalable and responsive. No arbitrary limitations; thus multiple assessments can be taken without additional infrastructure cost. With Testofy by your side, you don’t have to spend an extra dime to set up and conduct assessments within your premises. Just send an invitation to the candidate and they can take the test at his/her respective place.

  • Data Security

    No security breach worries or data security issues. Testofy offers high-end data encryption across the platform. The infrastructure implements secure practices like role-based accessibility settings for better control and management.

  • Multiple Sections in Questionnaires

    Questionnaire can be segregated into various sections based on categories and sub-categories. The assessment conductor can categorize and sub-categorize the questions into various sections that are relevant and easy to understand by the candidate.

  • White Labelling

    Enterprises and organizations have the full authority to label the platform with their branding. Implement your company logo, brand identity color, look and feel, and much more. All this is just in 60 seconds!

  • Variety of Question types

    Choices for the kinds of questions are many. Testofy offers MCQs, Descriptive questions, Comprehensive Questions, True & False Type Questions, Coding Questions, and many more.

  • Modern Intuitive User Interface

    Amazingly smooth and hassle-free user interface with easy navigations, search options and data pulling across the platform. Responsive and sophisticated candidate interface for an excellent assessment experience.

  • Schedule Assessments with different Time-Zone

    Testofy enables the conductor to schedule the assessment as per any time zone in the world. The interface is compatible with any standard time zones commonly followed across the world.

  • Schedule Assessments with different Time Slots

    Assessments can be scheduled in different time slots, with specified time and date. This will automate the whole process without the need for any manual intervention. Assessment will start right on the specific date and exact time.

  • Unlimited Keyword Tags

    Testofy possesses a powerful data accessibility through unlimited keywords that you can tag your questions with. You may want to tag a set of a question with a specific subject. The examiner can filter the data from anywhere through the tags.

  • Authentic and Informative Results

    Testofy offers insightful details, not just generic reports. A detailed textual analysis of the candidate's performance based on sections, categories, and the overall performance is generated. Get real-time analytics based on a particular skill, activity or topic.

  • Multi-Lingual Interface

    Testofy features an option that empowers admin to change the language of the assessment interface as well as the questions in different languages. The options and questions will get translated into the chosen language.

  • Multiple Complexity Levels

    Set of complexity level is defined, the examiner can choose any level of complexity in the questions. This is crucial while conducting competitive assessments, and question complexity can be increased to any extent to choose the best candidate.

  • Invite Candidates

    Invite the candidates in a jiffy. No cumbersome process to undergo. Just send an email to aware them of an impending assessment. Communication within the Testofy interface is too simple.

  • Multiple Q&A Media Type

    No bar in supporting media types, questions and answers are compatible with any media, Text, Image, Audio or Video. All media files are compatible with Testofy. This is one of the most striking features of Testofy.

  • Quick and Easy Questionnaire Creation

    Adding questions is super easy. Multiple filter options enable an examiner to create questionnaires in no time. Moreover, questions can be added on-the-go from question banks and directories. Bulk questions can be pulled from spreadsheets easily.

  • Immediate Feedback Mechanism

    Testofy is empowered to generate feedback just after an assessment. This is a great feature for a candidate who is keen to know about his/her performance immediately, in a way boosting learner engagement.

  • Live-Chat between Candidate and Conductor

    A realtime-chat facility in Testofy allows conversation between the candidate and conductor if needed. This chat facility breaks the barrier and helps run a smooth assessment session.

  • Insights & Reports

    The well-structured functionality of Testofy is capable of generating analysis on any data. A compelling graphical and visual representation supports the analysis generated. This further permits an easy assigning of the timeline and fetching relevant information.

  • Built-in Invigilation Capabilities

    Testofy has built-in invigilation capabilities through Navigation Block, Copy/Paste Block, Video Proctoring and Question Randomization. These built-in features are too accurate and smart to be duped by any candidate. No human involvement required for invigilation.

  • Huge Test Library

    Testofy sports a vast library containing hundreds of thousands of questions, ranging from a plethora of topics. And these questions are spread across diverse categories for smooth access.

  • Efficient Marking Systems

    The marking and grading system are fully automated hence no chance of human error or oversight. Also following the rules of traditional exams, Testofy has a partial marking, negative marking and moderated marking feature.

  • Question Review

    Candidates can review each question and keep it for a later attempt. In case a candidate feels a specific question is a bit difficult to attempt right then, he/she can take time, complete the other questions and then come back to the reviewed question.

  • Skip Question

    Candidates can skip the questions they have no answers for. Testofy gives the skip option that allows questions to be skipped and proceeded to the next question. This feature is configurable and would be determined by the admin whether the questions would be skippable or not.

  • Negative Marking

    Negative Marking feature enhances Testofy to select the best candidate. This configurable feature empowers the assessment conductor dynamically, how many wrong answers will be considered to be negatively marked.

  • Necessary Tools

    Tools like scientific calculator, log table, are there in Testofy to help the candidates perform complex calculations. This saves time and there remains no need for the candidate to keep any calculator or other gadget with him/her.

  • Automatic Report Generation

    Automatic Report Generation feature helps to create assessment reports automatically just after an assessment ends without any human intervention. Although manual checking is required in case of descriptive questions, yet the report will still get produced. This is a perfect feature to save time and prevent any oversight.

  • Video Recording

    Our video recording system allows you to keep track of the candidates’ exact movements during the assessment. Get updates of their IP addresses, type of the device, username, date and the time. All recordings are stored for future reference and proof if demanded by the candidate later.

  • Motion Detection

    Motion Detection System allows the assessment conductor to detect any kind of suspicious movements of the candidates and notify the assessor accordingly. This feature helps the conductor to identify malicious activities smoothly amidst a large group.

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